Hotel Rooms

The hotel has 70 rooms divided between single rooms, excellent rooms, and small and large suites. All rooms are equipped with the latest hotel equipment, air-conditioned, and equipped with free internet, a luxurious refrigerator, private safes for customers, and a video channel device.


Mattress & the bed cover on each bed at hotel are fire resistant material

Floor covering

the carpet is fire resistant & hypo allergenicr


The hotel has three elevators; two for the hotel residents, one for food services.


The hotel has (3) direct phone line & facsimile line.


The hotel also has a stand by generator in the case of power failure.


Surveillance cameras on the two facades of the hotel, two Surveillance cameras at hallways on every floor, surveillance cameras at the entrance & reception area, a fire alarm system with smoke detector in each room & hallway, collectively connected to a control chamber.

Safety deposit box

a safety deposit box is assigned to each room of the hotel with a private key for the resident, master key & a digital combination lock managed by the hotel’s administration.